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I look for creative opportunities outside work that are not only a fun challenge but also sometimes lead me to step out of my comfort zone and learn new design skills.

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My designer friend and I created a Hindi to English translation of Hindu vows recited by a pandit at a wedding where the bride and groom wanted everyone to understand what was being recited. I also helped replace some age-old traditional language in the vows that centered around the bride making the groom happy with language about them making each other happy.


In the early stage process of illustrating for an idea my colleague had for a children’s storybook.

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Took up a passion project with my boyfriend to redesign a highly impactful organization’s website, that is not able to convey its purpose through its design currently and could really utilize visual design and usability best practices to reach a wider audience. We reached out to the organization to let us redesign the site at no cost but since it is not handled by one particular person and has been designed by a third part organization, they were unable to find someone to spearhead communication regarding the redesign.


Helped brainstorm and prototype early concepts for a delivery service that delivers anything from one point to another in Mumbai city, using a mix of public transport, bikes and Tata Nano cars.


Conceptualized and designed a Save the Date card for an unconventional couple in India, who wanted something sort of abstract and minimalistic for their invite.

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Helped with early stage concepts of a music studio app to be released alongside a film based on the same concept. I am currently working as a UX consultant on the same project for which I am helping tweak and refine the UX, writing copy and testing the app.


Conceptualized and designed an itinerary for a family of almost 30, for which members flew to one location from all over the world and had multiple events spread across one week. The itinerary helped them keep track of what event, what time and where they were to meet each day.